pvc pergola kits bets price miami flWe all like the idea of maintenance free.  Who wouldn’t?  The vinyl pergola offers just that!

There are various names for vinyl, which can be confusing: vinyl itself, plastic, PVC and UPVC (the material that double-glazing is made from) and sometimes it can be combined with wood to give a very durable and realistic finish. 

There are more vinyl pergola designs on the market this year than there have ever been, giving us more choice of color and style.  Has to be good!

Even though the vinyl gives a more modern feel, the designs are often quite traditional with curved rafter tails and purloins across the top, so these pergolas don’t look amiss in any style of garden.

More recently these pergolas are being stocked in larger garden centers around the country, where they have larger sized pergolas in traditional styles.

pergola pvc best price miami flTraditionalists tend to go for crafted wood or metal pergolas, although some of these vinyl structures are made to look like this Hazelwood composite pergola, and, of course, they will never discolour or rot, which is a real bonus!

Those who have families, work long hours and have little or no time to themselves tend to opt for the maintenance free option because it is durable, easy to clean and requires little or no effort, both in the short and long term.

So there is just the question of whether we like it!

Do you find it as attractive as a wooden or wrought iron structure? If so, it is definitely worth investigating further.



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